.NET Application :

Windows Custom Application Development :

            We provide custom application development services by leveraging our strength in remote delivery using the dual-shore model, experience in diverse technologies and maturity of processes. We have developed applications of various sizes and complexities, as well as handled responsibilities ranging from a single step of the development life cycle all the way up to complete end-to-end responsibility.

Silverlight / WPF / WCF :

Silver light is Microsoft's web application development framework that incorporates latest graphics, animation and multimedia features so that Silver light developers can create amazingly Rich Internet Applications (RIAs).

Salient features :
  • Efficient User interface controls
  • Graphics, animation and multimedia playback
  • Easy integration of Document Object Model (DOM) for interaction with objects in HTML, XHTML and XML
  • Digital Restrictions Management (DRM)
  • Dynamically loads Extensible Markup language (XML) content, which can be manipulated through a DOM interface
  • Language Integrated Query( LINQ)
  • Rich class and User Interface (UI) Libraries for rapid Silver light application development
  • Powerful programming support of C#, Visual Basic, Ruby and Python
The Silver light Application Development Advantage's:
  • Microsoft Silver light development is widely used today by most of the companies because it has the technical and commercial backing of the Microsoft.
  • Cost-effective and short-time development of software projects
  • Individual approach to every customer and professional team of .Net developers
  • Silver light application development has its own advantages, when it comes to creating elegant RIAs

Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Development Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a new platform for developing a variety of user interfaces using the .NET framework. Our developers are well suited to use the WPF in making dynamic, date centric, appealing applications or programs.

It uses various latest technologies such as - Visual Studio, Silver light, AJAX and the latest in ASP .NET in order to develop rich web applications that are visually appealing as well as interactive.

Using the integration of Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation our developers deliver high end solutions to our clients.

Benefits of WPF :
  • Faster and efficient development
  • Customizable and scalable - modified to fit your business needs and fit for any screen size
  • Separation between User Interface - there is a clear separation of interface logic from the appearance
  • Simple deployment - although using this we can develop rich applications, at the time of deployment, it is relatively simple
  • Developers make use of the user interface in a more interactive way
  • Wide range of choice in terms of functions and other components
  • Time saving, cost effective
  • Cross platform compatibility
  • Variety of templates and styles
  • Similar programming model for both static and web based system

SharePoint Development :

            GSD can help you give your business the much need leverage by building hi-end Microsoft SharePoint applications, which would help your business meet the needs of the global scenario. Irrespective of whatever business you have, you can't do away with the need of smoother operations across the various departments. Unless smooth communication of information is there in the organization, your business is likely to go nowhere. It is here that the need for a versatile and reliable solution arises, where SharePoint application development Whether you are already using the SharePoint platform and want an upgrade or wish to try it out for the first time, the services on offer by GSD can help. Here are some of our SharePoint services from which you can have your pick

sharpoint apps
Sharepoint Application Features
  • Custom SharePoint Development
  • Migrations to SharePoint 2010
  • Branding
  • Enterprise System Integration
  • Business Process Automation
  • Document Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Search
  • Public facing Websites
  • SharePoint Consulting

With a team of expert SharePoint Developers in India who possess rich experience and exposure to the SharePoint platform, GSD can help you get innovative IT-enabled solutions that will take your business to the next level. By offering timely and affordable solutions, our SharePoint development services make sure that your business enjoys efficient and flawless collaboration, file sharing, and web publishing, thus beating the competition and achieving success in this highly competitive World Wide Web.

So, if you have been thinking about how to use SharePoint application development to your business advantage, now is the time to act by hiring GSD Solutions and give an enviable boost to your ROI.

For more information, please contact us using sales@gsds.in