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            GSDS Office SharePoint Server 2010 (MOSS) is a versatile web-based collaboration and document management platform that can be used to build and host enterprise-level internet and intranet sites and web applications. SharePoint supports many web features 'out of the box', significantly reducing the time required to get sites up and running.

SharePoint also :
  • Improves organizational efficiency
  • Provides comprehensive content management and enterprise search features
  • Accelerates shared business processes
  • Facilitates information sharing across geographical boundaries

Our main motto is to expand our SharePoint expertise to greater levels and serve more and more clients. For this reason, we have engaged ourselves in offering multiple SharePoint services to a cross section of industries. We can be your best choice, thanks to our 10+ experience in working with SharePoint. It assures that the services we will provide will be class apart from rest .Our SharePoint developers can help you to achieve the exact look and feel to your website that you wish to have. You should choose us for the following reasons:


SharePoint customization abilities enable us to integrate server capabilities to help businesses improve their operational efficacy. We provide all-inclusive enterprise search services, to content management, as well as shared business processes. The main focus of our SharePoint customization (both designing & developing) is to give the end product a feel so that it doesn't look like a SharePoint site. Our SharePoint programmers can modify a page to a greater level. They posses advance knowledge about SharePoint toolbox and can handle the heavily nested tables in a better way.


            There are a number of different angles to that question. If, for example, you have an organization that hasn't already embarked on a SharePoint strategy you have to look at what advantages SharePoint can offer above and beyond an upgrade of their current system. For example, the current version of Lotus Notes will be expiring very soon so a lot of people will have to upgrade or look at alternatives. What SharePoint offers very competitively is a complete framework and package of products that are built into one platform, which provides a reduced total cost of ownership. For example, search and collaboration are built into SharePoint, but this isn't the case with other offerings like Lotus Notes. With these solutions, all of those additional features incur extra costs and have to be bolted on. SharePoint is all one product, out of the box and you just pay one price for the product. Integration is seamless as it is part of the product.

One of the classic scenarios that we encounter is that an organization already has internal legacy systems that hold a lot of information, but are faced with the challenge of trying to make sense of that information. A lot of organizations are looking to SharePoint to provide document management capabilities. One of the big advantages is that you can improve the quality of the data you are holding by associating documents with metadata and taxonomy. This means that you are able to find information much faster and can make sense of that information. SharePoint has a lot of features that increase productivity and offer product collaboration support for businesses in terms of driving down the costs of ownership.

" What SharePoint offers very competitively is a complete framework and package of products that are built into one platform, which provides a reduced total cost of ownership "


            What SharePoint offers very competitively is a complete framework and package of products that are built into one platform, which provides a reduced total cost of ownership.

SharePoint Branding is not about simply adding or displaying a logo as it defines role that goes beyond the realms of creating or adding a default SharePoint theme to the website. It helps the organization to capitalize on the advantage of customized SharePoint design options developed by our team of SharePoint developers and this helps you achieve the desired marketing and branding objectives.

The purpose of SharePoint Branding creates a standardized uniformity and conveys the same message across the board. It helps employees to recognize, acknowledge and become familiar and be able to comfortably adopt and accept SharePoint Intranets, SharePoint portals and business applications. Our team of SharePoint developers will successfully implement customized SharePoint designs to ensure that customers, vendors, partners, prospects and vendors are always coming across the same corporate identity on SharePoint intranet, SharePoint extranet and websites.

Enterprise System Integration :

            GSD helps companies to support and refine high-level business process that involves different departments, applications and data sources and requires straight-through processing, seamless data interchange and integrated business rules execution.

GSD provides a full range of integration services that enable our customers to accelerate business processes, eliminate ineffective routine operations, verify data validity and consistency across data warehouses, applications and geographical locations.

Depending on your actual needs and current IT infrastructure, GSD distinguishes between several types of integration techniques which ensure best return on investments and reduced cost of ownership of the whole information infrastructure. We offer the following integration services :

  • Analysis and Consulting for Integration Projects
  • Enterprise Service Bus Implementation
  • Hub-and-spoke Integration
  • Point-to-point Integration and Ad Hoc Solutions

Business Process Automation :

            We create custom process automation solutions utilizing the GSD Platform: InfoPath browser-based forms to collect information about the process and the SharePoint workflow engine as the business logic and routing engine.

Our Business Analyst consultants work with the Business users to understand the business case and process and then recommend and implement the appropriate technology to solve the problem.

SharePoint 2010 and provide an overview of the key areas of functionality and how they can provide significant benefit to your business, for instance:

  • Sites
  • Content Management
  • Insights - Business Intelligence
  • Communities
  • Composites
  • Search

Business process automation, using SharePoint and the very significant benefits that can be achieved such as,

  • Automatic workflow
  • Visualization of process pinch points
  • Identification of the organizations, "blockers"
  • Analysis of process conformance for audit
What are the Results and Benefits?
  • Tighter controls
  • Increased efficiencies by automation of manual processes
  • Streamline processes (approval, review, archiving, custom)
  • Timely information and better visibility into the process(es)
  • Drive adoption of process by increasing ownership and accountability
  • Compliance to standards (Governance)

Document Management:

            GSD delivers tailored DMS solutions based on SharePoint and Liferay. We also provide custom DMS modules development and have an essential experience in FileNet and Documentum.

Since 2007 when our dedicated DMS development division was launched, we delivered valuable solutions to enterprises operating in Telecom, Retail, Construction and Healthcare.

  • Contracting and billing
  • Document review & cross-checking
  • Financial reports issuing, scheduling and automation
  • Cost certification documents capturing and processing
  • CRM-oriented document repositories and workspaces
  • Data exchange with corporate processing systems

Business Intelligence :

            Extend the capabilities of corporate Intranets by allowing people to make better informed decisions. Provide strategic and operational data on the status of business objectives presented as KPI, Excel Workbooks, and SQL Server Reporting Services report

GSD BI methodology will identify and address the functional requirements of variety of audiences like, CEO, Managers, IT professionals and Business Partners. GSD approach in BI deployment helps our customers in preparing the foundation for BI functionality. This is accomplished by a combination of best practices, past experiences and set of developed SharePoint BI applications, which can be customized based on customer requirements. For example, GSD Report Workspace provides a customized implementation of GSD Report Center. Since the application is built on modular architecture (implemented as GSD Web Parts and Features), the clients can customize the SharePoint site template to fit their requirements.

Internet Marketing :

             Internet Marketing Services : Enter into the world of internet marketing and make your website visible on the top of the search engine results!! If you are looking forward to ranking your website on the top of search engine lists, you've come to the right place. We are here to help you get more business by attracting traffic to your website. We implement internet marketing strategies to promote you business online and thus achieve improved search engine rankings.

Our Internet marketing services helps you decide the best way to market your company on the Internet. As a leading provider of Internet marketing services, we offer you a wide range of marketing options to increase the awareness of your website. Our internet marketing experts target audience to your company which will not only increase your business reputation but also increase your sales. What's more!! All these Internet marketing services are available at the most affordable prices.

Types of Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization [SEO] :

            Our highly qualified and experienced SEO professionals make sure that your site achieves a superior rank in the major search engines.

  • GSD aim to convert your visitors into customers by transforming your website in terms of its presentation and functionality, thus ensuring higher visibility, higher traffic and higher sales.
  • As a leading SEO services provider, we have extensive experience in providing quality SEO services to our clients.
  • This is quite evident from our excellent track records in the past. We apply proper SEO techniques that guarantee to improve your search engine rankings.
  • Our SEO professionals first study your product and services and your competitors.

Our affordable and reliable SEO services help you drive traffic to your site with appropriate optimization techniques.

Bulk SMS System :

            SMS helps you to send bulk sms to your colleagues, friends, family and clients in the most efficient and cost effective way. SMS alerts are now used as a new generation communication technique and as the most effective marketing tool. Send SMS to thousands of contacts at a single click.

We offers
  • SMS gateway for your business software and web portals
  • PHP & ASP.NET codes for your personal Website integration
  • Added value for your CRM-solutions
  • SMS marketing campaigns
  • Company internal communication tool
  • Information channel for your clients and partners
  • SMS news distributions
  • Real time SMS-alerts and notifications
  • Re-selling business opportunities

Bulk Email System :

            Bulk emailing software became an essential component of modern bulk mail marketing strategies. Direct mail marketers and list managers need fast, reliable and powerful bulk email marketing software solution. Live Software delivers to you perfect bulk email software for permission based email marketing campaigns.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Send bulk email from your PC
  • No monthly fees like email services
  • Proven technology for bulk email advertising