Our Products :


  • Product : GCOMM
  • Work : Windows App
  • Tool : WPF, SQL Server, Photo Shop
  • Server : Sql Local Server
Software features :-
  • Web server based installation.
  • Easy to upgrade application in future.
  • Most advanced technology WPF used. Fast response and very good user interface.
  • No database needed, integrated with existing database (currently support MSSQL).
  • In build authentication, admin can only access application.
  • Google chat server used (Fast and powerful)
  • All customer request and response will stored on Google server, can view chat history at Gmail account.
  • Single and Multi data request possible at single command.
  • The following features are inbounded
    • a) Auto Responder
    • b) Reminder
    • c) Dashboard
    • d) Auto Status Updater
  • Can get data either on demand or auto status update.
  • Remote Desktop Support
  • System On/Off Support